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From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies
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Lullabies and Love Songs
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Letters to Tanja

"Your music has meant a great deal to me... I believe that each of us has one important mitzvah to accomplish in life.  You are blessed with a beautiful voice and a special feeling for your music and I have been chosen to teach about the suffering and heroism of the Jewish people during the Holocaust.  Your music has helped me to teach my students about the richness of our life and culture in Eastern Europe before the war.  Thank you, Tanja." ---Jack Silverstein, Tallahassee, FL

Click Here to Buy Your Copy!"It really is a good deed that you are recording this music -- so beautifully.  Thanks!" --Sharona Berken, Cold Spring, NY

"I like the tape very much.  Most of the songs were the ones I sang to my children many years ago, and now I am glad that my grandchildren will have them available for their young children when they marry and have a family of their own." --Tillie DeRusha, Encino, CA

"I was given a copy when my daughter was born.  A Legacy of Lullabies has become our favorite bedtime routine, to play as my children fall asleep.  I have two older boys, ages 10 and 8, and they also love these songs.  Your recordings are such a gift -- a Jewish gift.  There is nothing better than your songs to put us in touch with who we are and where we come from. It's as if all the beloved Bubbies & Zaidies from all the generations are right there with us, watching over us as we sleep. God bless you.  Thank you so much." --Rhona Friedland, North Miami Beach, FL

"A few months ago my brother gave me a baby gift for my soon-to-be-born son: two of your lullaby CD's, A Legacy of Lullabies and Lullabies & Love Songs. We love them! As we wait these last few weeks, I have been playing them a lot in hopes that he will remember them when he listens from outside the womb. Your songs and voice are so soothing. We are so thankful to have discovered your music." --Kristin Frank, Nashville, TN

"Your voice and material are wedded beautifully." --Miriam Kressyn

"I love your recordings!  My wife and I play them all the time with our 11-month-old son, Ezra.  They are inspiring and soothing.  The arrangements are lovely -- sparse and simple, but very effective." --Billy Steinberg, Los Angeles, CA

"A Legacy of Lullabies is everything I expected. I am giving it to a newborn who has a cassette player attached to her crib.  Thanks for creating it." --Ruth Schwartz, Sherman Oaks, CA

"My family enjoys your Lullabies tape very much -- it is so beautiful." --Vicki Blair, Superior, MT

"Thank you for sending me the tape. I not only enjoyed it, I thought of two others who also might enjoy it." --Molly Wilton, Baltimore, MD

"I was driving home and listening to KUSC in Los Angeles yesterday.  I became enchanted and touched by a recording called From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies." --Leonora Yellen, Los Angeles, CA

"Your CD was immediately one I wanted to buy. This is just the gentle nurturing kind of music moms love the most to rock their babies to...it is gentle and beautiful.  Thank you for realizing the need for heritage as well as beauty in the nursery." -- Pauline Myers, Albany NY


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