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Reviews of Tanja Solnik's
"From Generation To Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies"

Click Here to Buy "A Legacy of Lullabies"These soothing, sometimes haunting songs, transcend language and cultures. -- USA Today

While the language of the eleven songs in this collection of lullabies is Yiddish, Ladino or Hebrew, listeners quickly understand the universal language of a mother’s love... A unique and lovely audio recording. -- Parent’s Choice

You don’t have to be Jewish to savor this strikingly beautiful lullaby album.   The recording’s diamond-cut perfection is matched by Solnik’s angel-pure soprano, which fairly floats amidst understated arrangements. -- Family Fun Magazine

A wonderfully beautiful album full of angelic traditional lullabies performed in Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino by Tanja Solnik, lovely and splendidly moving for any generation or language.  Gorgeous and stunning to any ears, the CD is perfect for new parents or grandparents who want to share it with their grandchildren. -- 'Kidbit', Copley News Service

You can’t go wrong with this lovely lullaby collection. The gentle beauty of From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies could relax the most restless of nappers.   This universal language of parental love crosses all cultural barriers. -- Los Angeles Times

These Jewish lullabies are powerful, moving, and endearing.  Any baby would respond to these charmers, but what a gift this would make for Jewish families with new babies.  And I’ll bet some folks in nursing homes would welcome a listen.  Sweet dreams! -- Napra Trade Journal

Gentle and inspiring. -- Nashville Parent Magazine

All ages.  A treasure of Jewish lullabies sung in their original Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino make up this memorable collection.  Tanja Solnik's exquisitely delicate interpretations are perfectly accompanied by piano, guitar, and balalaika.  Libraries will find this specialized collection valuable for both its melodic and cultural contributions. -- Booklist

Beautifully packaged album...superb interpretations -- Hadassah Magazine

This lovely album is mellow, warm and charming.  The language barrier does not keep the effect of these lullabies from being felt, and young ones will hear only the tender feeling.  These supremely comforting loving tunes are sure to please your little ones.  -- Heartsong Review

Here is a lyrical album which will loose a tear, educe a smile, and magically change an unhappy day (or night) into a dreamily delightful one.  Tanja Solnik, in a clear and gentle voice, tempered with tenderness and laced with love, brings treasured lullabies out of the should-not-be-forgotten past.  Remember your childhood (or the one you wish you had!), and create a legacy for your own child. -- Jewish Community News
This beautiful collection of haunting Jewish lullabies sung in Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino celebrates a unique musical heritage.  Tanja Solnik has a beautiful voice, and the purity of her singing is wonderfully complemented by the simple accompaniment of keyboards, guitar and balalaika.  The universal feeling and soulfulness of this recording makes it appealing to all ages and backgrounds. If this is your first introduction to Jewish music, you’re in for a treat. -- Portland Parent

From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies is a hauntingly beautiful compilation of traditional Jewish lullabies from singer Tanja Solnik.  Whether she is singing the soothing Yiddish to Zing Faygeleh, Zing, or the familiar Hebrew of Numi, Numi, Solnik manages to invest each song with the kind of emotion and immediacy that draws kids in.  Her Ladino melodies are particularly striking, and her accent flawless.  And these lullabies work.  work.  This reviewer popped the cassette in the car tape player one night last week to try to quiet a screaming 20-month old, and within minutes, the little angel was staring quietly through the moonroof, jabbering placidly to himself.  Thank you, Tanja.  In fact, this reviewer has two copies of the cassette, one for crib and one for car. -- Los Angeles Jewish Journal

Should I mention the soothing simplicity of the piano, guitar and balalaika arrangements?  What about Tanja’s golden voice?  Maybe I should start with the expert musicianship?  Or the amazing way that she communicates to all though singing in Yiddish, Hebrew or Ladino.  I’d surely like to distinguish this tape from the plethora of syrupy warbling that floods the market.  Perhaps this will say it best.  Tanja’s album inspired me to write this review four months in advance at a time when my writing had just about dried up!  If you are a parent, if you have a child, if your child sleeps, then you need this tape. There, that says it. -- Baltimore’s Child

Since her youth, Tanja Solnik yearned to make a recording of traditional Jewish music that would reach all generations.  She did just that with her album, From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies. Proud of its success, Solnik said it is "a gift for baby or bubbe."  Solnik feels strongly about preserving the history and tradition associated with Jewish music.  "I wanted to present the music with my vision, traditional in a sense, but to show what a contemporary spin can do. I resent the view that people think Jewish music hokey or corny. It’s beautiful music."  Solnik is certain she has fulfilled her dream.  "People have said that they never thought Jewish music could be like this. That makes me feel good. It’s important that today’s babies hear these songs.  The parents don’t speak a word of Yiddish, but their two-year-old is saying faygeleh and shmata." -- Jewish Journal


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