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From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies
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Lullabies and Love Songs
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Lyrics from Tanja Solnik's
"Lullabies and Love Songs"

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  1. Tumba
  2. Avre Tu Puerta
  3. La Bendision di Madre
  4. Shlof Mine Kind, Shlof Keseyder
  5. Fishelech Koyfn
  6. Veulai
  7. Durme, Durme Con Sabor
  8. Oy, Dortn, Dortn
  9. Margaritkelech
  10. La Prima Vez
  11. Y'did Nefesh
  12. Papir Iz Doch Vays


Oifn oivn zitst a meydle On the oven sits a young girl
Un zi heft a zaydn kleydl. Embroidering a little satin dress
Tumba...Iz a bocher ongefloygn, A young lad comes flying in
Un hot dem fodem opgetsoygn. And pulls out the thread
Ay du bocher, ay du fayer! Oh, you rascal, you firebrand
S'vet dich kostn zeyer tayer. This will cost you dearly.
Nit mit shtrik vel ich dich penten I won't tie you with rope
Nor mit mayne vayse hentlech! But only with my white hands
Ch'vel nit fregn dich funvanen- I won't ask you where you're from
Ch'vel nit oplozn fundanen But I won't let you out of here!
Ch'vel dich haldzn, ch'vel dich libn. I will hold you, I will love you.
Iz der bocher dort farblibn. And so the lad remained.
Oifn oivn zitsn tsveyen- On the oven, two are sitting
Nit zey heftn, nit zey neyen. Back To Table of ContentsNeither embroidering or sewing.

Avre Tu Puerta

Avre tu puerta cerrada Open your locked door
Que en tu balcon luz no hay On your balcony, there is no light
El amor a ti te vela Love becomes you
Partemos mi flor Come with me, my flower
Partemos de aqui. Come away with me
Yo demandi de la tu hermozura I was seeking your beauty
Come te la dio el dio The beauty G-d gave you
La hermozura tuya es pura It is pure and clear
La merezco solo yo. Back To Table of ContentsOnly I deserve it.

La Bendision di Madre
(Mother's Benediction)

Padre santo Almighty G-d,
En esta klara i solemna ora In this clear and solemn hour
Ke esto despuesta para bendizir a miz fizhus I wish to bless my children.
Segun el dezeo de madre ke konsiento As a mother who feels deeply
Se, o djo, siempre pronto Please, G-d, always be willing
A eskuchar de loz altos sielos To listen in the heavens above
Mi orasion i bendision ke jo To my prayer
Bendigo a miz fizhus and benediction for my children
Mi dio My G-d
Tu ke me iziste alargar la vida You have lengthened my life
En dandome fizhus a mi lado By giving me children to stay by me
Az me esta buendad Let me deserve
Emprezenta me los para buena vida that you give them a good life
I ventura And let me
I meresime a ver kon miz ozhus suz mazal see with my own eyes their good fortune
I suz prospero inflorisido and their prosperity,
Padre piadozo Back To Table of ContentsMerciful G-d.

Shlof Mine Kind, Shlof Keseyder

Shlof mine kind, shlof keseyder, Sleep my child, keep sleeping
Zingen vel ich dir a lid. I will sing you a song
Az du mine kind vest elter vern As you, my child, become older
Vestu visn an untershid. You will realize there is a difference.
Az du mine kind vest elter vern My child, as you become older
Vestu vern mit laytn glaych. You will learn like everyone else
Damolst vestu gevoyre vern Then you will understand
Vos heyst orim un vos heyst raych. Back To Table of ContentsThe difference between rich and poor.

Fishelech Koyfn

Bin ich mir gegangen fishelech koyfn I went to buy fish
Hob ich mir gekoyft a hecht. And I bought myself a pike.
Un ver es iz shuldig in undzer libe And whoever is guilty of coming between us
Der zol oysgeyn vi a lecht. Should blow out like a candle.
Dai, dai, dai, dai...... Dai, dai, dai, dai......
Az a kartyozhnik shpilt in kortn, When a gambler plays cards
Farshpilt er doch nor zayn gelt He only loses his money.
Ich hob farshpilt mine yunge yorn, I have played away my youth
Finster iz doch mine velt. And now my world is dark.
Dai, dai, dai.... Dai, dai, dai....
On keyn tsigl, on keyn shteyner, Without brick, without stones
Ken men keyn hoyz nisht moyern. You can't build a house.
Ay, s'iz nisto aza mentsh oyf der velt; There isn't a person in the world
Vos er zol mich nisht badoyern! who wouldn't pity me.
Dai, dai, dai.... Dai, dai, dai....
Farshpilt er doch nor zayn gelt He only loses his money.
Ich hob farshpilt mine yunge yorn Back To Table of ContentsI have played away my youth.


Veulai lo hayu hadvarim meolam And perhaps these things never happened
Veulai lo hishkamti im shachar lagan I never rose at dawn to plant the fields with my own hands
Le'avdo beze'at apay... Never did I purify myself in your azure waters
Shel Kimmeret sheli, hoy Kinneret sheli Perhaps it was a dream, my Kinneret.
Heyayit o chalamti chalom Back To Table of Contents

Durme, Durme Con Sabor

Durme Durme hermozo hijico Sleep, sleep my little boy
Durme Durme con sabor Sleep well
Cierra tuz luzios ojicos Close your eyes
Durme con sabor Sleep well
A la skola tu te iras And as you grow up
En la Ley t'ambezaras Back To Table of ContentsYou will learn the laws of our tradition

Oy, Dortn, Dortn

Oy, dortn,dortn, ibern vaserl, Oh, far away, across the water
Oy, dortn,dortn, ibern brik, Far away across the bridge.
Fartribn hostu mich, in di vaytene lender, You have chased me away to faraway lands
Un benkn, benk ich noch dir tsurik. And I long to return to you.
Oy, vifl oventlech, tsuzamen gezesen Oh, many evenings we sat together
Oy, vifl oventlech, shpet in detr nacht. Many evenings 'til late in the night.
Oy, vifl trerelech mir hobn fargosn, How many tears we shed
Oy, biz mir hobn di libe tsuzamen gebracht. Until our love brought us together.
Oy, dayne eygelach, vi di shvertse kershelach, Oh, your eyes are like black cherries
Un dayne lipelach, vi rozeve papir. Your lips like rose paper
Un dayne fingerlach, vi tint un vi feder, And your fingers- may they be as pen and ink
Oy, shraybn zolstu ofte briv tsu mir. Back To Table of ContentsThat you should write to me often.


In veldl baym taykhl, dort zaynen gevaksn In the little woods by the river grew
Margaritkelech elent un kleyn- Daisies, orphaned and small-
Vi kleyninke zunen mit vaysinke shtraln Like little suns with white rays
Mit vaysinke, tra-la-la-la. With white, tra-la-la-la
Gegangen iz Khavele shtil un farkholemt, Khave walks dreamily silent
Tselozn di gold-blonde tsep- With her blond hair loose about her.
Dos heldzl antbloyzt un gemurmlt, gezungen Her shirt is unbuttoned and she hums
A lidele: tra-la-la-la. A little tune: tra-la-la-la.
Do kumt ir antkegn a bokher a shvartser, A dark young man appears
Mit lokn mit shvartse, vi pekh. With hair as black as pitch.
Er flamt mit di oygn un entfert ir lustik, He flirts with his eyes and he answers her slowly
Un entfert ir: tra-la-la-la. He answers her: tra-la-la-la.
Vos zukhtstu do, meydl? Vos hostu farlorn? What are you looking for, young lady- what have you lost?
Vos vilstu gefinen in groz? What do you want to find there in the grass?
Ich zukh margarikes, farroytlt zikh Khave I'm looking for daisies, Khava answered blushing
Farroytlt zikh: tra-la-la-la. Blushing....
Du zukhst nokh? Un ikh hob shoin take gefunen You're still looking? And I have already surely found
Di shenste margaritke in vald. The prettiest daisy in the wood.
A margarike mit tsep un mit oygn safirn, A daisy with braids and with saphire-blue eyes
Mit eygelech - tra-la-la-la. What lovely eyes.
Oy, loz mich, men tor nisht; di mame zogt men tor nisht. Leave me alone- it's not allowed; my mother says it's not
Mayn mame iz alt un iz beyz. My mother is old and mean
-Vu mame? Vos mame? Do zaynen nor beymer, Where's your mother? What mother? There are only trees around
Nor beymelekh- tra-la-la-la. Only trees. Tra-la-la-la.
-Du libst mikh? - Ikh lib dikh! Do you love me? - I love you!
-Du shemst zikh? - Ikh shem zikh! Are you ashamed? -Yes, I'm ashamed.
Oy lib mikh un shem dikh un shvayg. Oh love me, and be ashamed, but keep quiet.
Un ze vi es mishn zikh pekh-shvartse kroyzn And look how the pitch black blends with the golden
Mit goldene. . .Tra-la-la-la. With the golden. . . Tra-la-la-la.
Di zun iz fargangen, der bokher - farshvundn, The sun is set, the young man has disappeared
Un Khavele zitst nokh in vald. And Khava still sits in the wood.
Zi kukt in der vaytns un murmult farkholemt She gazes into the distance and murmurs dreamily
Dos lidele: Tra-la-la-la. Back To Table of ContentsThe little song: Tra-la-la-la.

La Prima Vez

La prima vez ke te vidi The first time I saw
De tuz ojos me 'namori Your eyes I fell in love with you.
D'akel momento te ami I loved you from that moment
Fina la tomba te amare. And until the grave, I will love you.
Aserkate mi kerida Come close to me my dear one,
Salvadora de mi vida You have saved me.
Descubrite i avlame Discover me and tell me
Sekretos de la tu vida. Back To Table of ContentsYour life's secrets.

Y'did Nefesh

Y'did nefesh av harachaman Beloved of the soul, merciful Father
M'shoch avdecha el r'tsonecha Bring Thy servant close to Thy will
Yaruts avd'cha k'mo ayal That he may run like a hart
Yishtachave (la la la ...) To bow down
El mul hadarecha Back To Table of ContentsBefore Thy glory.

Papir Iz Doch Vays

Papir iz doch vays un tint iz doch shvarts Paper is white and ink is black
Tzu dir mine zis-lebn tsit doch mine harts. My heart is drawn to you, my sweet-life.
Ich volt shtendig gezesn dray teg nochanand I could sit for three days one after another
Tsu kushn dayn sheyn ponim un tsu haltn dayn hand Just kissing your sweet face and holding your hand.
Nechtn baynacht bin ich oyf a chasene geven, Last night I went to a wedding
Fil sheyne meydelech hob ich dort gezen. and I saw many pretty girls there.
Fil sheyne meydelech - tsu dir kumt nisht gor- Many pretty girls, but none of them can compare to you
Mit dayne shvartse eygelech un dayne shvartse hor. with your beautiful black eyes and raven black hair.
Ach du liber Got, her oys mine farlang Dearest G-d, hear my plea
Dem oysher gistu kovid, mit a sheynem gang- To the rich you give honor and an easy path
Oy mir gib a shtibele oyf dem groz dem grinem but I ask only for a little house on a grassy green
Az ich mit mayn zis-lebn zoln voynen derinen. Back To Table of Contentsin which my true love and I can dwell.


Translation of La Bendision di Madre courtesy of Flory Jagoda, from her album La Nona Kanta on Global Village.


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