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Lullabies and Love Songs
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Reviews of Tanja Solnik's
"Lullabies and Love Songs"

Click Here to Buy "Lullabies and Love Songs"Listening to Tanja Solnik sing is like being held.  Her voice is so extraordinarily lovely, her songs so tender that many listeners will be moved to tears.  This is a recording for everyone from babies to grandparents.  Especially recommended: her version of Papir Iz Doch Vays. -- Moment Magazine
Filled with beautiful renditions of songs that span the nations and generations of Jews. -- Los Angeles Jewish Journal Lullabies and Love Songs is a wonderful addition to your family's music collection. -- American Baby
Whether her rich, mellow voice is heard unaccompanied or delicately enhanced with keyboard, guitar, accordion, mandolin, or balalaika, Tanja Solnik caringly interprets these twelve selections from traditional Jewish music. A melodious choice. -- Booklist

There are many children's recordings on the market that the little ones like, but, alas, not many that we mommies and daddies can tolerate without wanting to throw something at the CD or tape player. In time to save the stereo equipment comes Tanja Solnik's Lullabies and Love Songs which is a pleasant collection of Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino tunes that youngsters and parents can enjoy together.  Lullabies offers an opportunity for children to learn about the richness of Jewish culture while being entertained.

From beginning - Tumba - to end - Papir Iz Doch Vays - a certain 9-month-old, listening to Solnik's soothing renditions for the first time, rocked back and forth, waved to the stereo speakers and cooed, HaaBaBaBaAah!   (For those of you not schooled in infant-speak, that's mighty high praise!) A certain mom, who had spent several months (and far too many dollars!) searching for Jewish-themed children's music that didn't sound like it was recorded on battery-operated keyboards in an unpadded basement, was thrilled.

Solnik's voice is mollifying and the instrumental accompaniment is just right for children - not too complex or overpowering.  For their parents, the arrangements are not too simplistic or mono-tonal. Like Solnik's first collection, From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies, Lullabies and Love Songs belongs in the music collection of every Jewish family. --Cleveland Jewish News

This new CD by Tanja Solnik features a dozen traditional folk tunes in Yiddish and Hebrew to appeal to parents, grandparents and children.  Solnik pours her soul into the songs; Jim Hershman on mandolin and balalaika and Gary Nesteruk on piano and keyboards add immeasurably to the appeal.  Most pleasant is her rendition of the Hebrew poet Rachel's ode to Lake Kinneret, Veulai. -- Hadassah Magazine Listening to Tanja Solnik's rich voice rise effortlessly through these venerable songs -- which she sings in the original Ladino, Yiddish and Hebrew -- is delightfully relaxing.   And by including love songs, this second album moves beyond Solnik's first recording for the very young, A Legacy of Lullabies.  In twelve haunting, selections, her voice shines in the simplest of musical settings. -- Family Fun
These songs are tender and gentle, exhibiting a real sweetness that's often painfully absent from many contemporary recordings.  It's perfect both for new mothers in love with their tiny angels, as well as young sweethearts.  Ms. Solnik has a clear pure voice - and best of all her pronunciation is always excellent.  -- Detroit Jewish News Beautifully sung by Tanja Solnik. The perfect way to experience a little time out with loved ones. -- School Library Journal

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