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From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies
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Lyrics from Tanja Solnik's
"From Generation to Generation: A Legacy of Lullabies"

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  1. Zing Faygeleh Zing
  2. Durme Durme
  3. Vig Lid
  4. Durme Mi Angelico
  5. Numi Numi
  6. Shlof Mine Kind
  7. Amol Iz Geven A Meise
  8. Durme Durme (Bosnian Version)
  9. Laila Laila
  10. Oifn Pripetshik
  11. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen

Zing Faygele Zing

Ich gedenk ven ich bin noch a kind geven I remember when I was a child
Flegt mine mamenue zingen tzu mir: My mother used to sing to me
Bist a malach bist vi alle velten sheyn "You're an angel, beautiful as all the worlds
Ch'vel a shterndl brengen tzu dir I will bring a little star to you"
Es klingt mir noch yetst in di ohyren It still sounds in my ears
Di sheyne melodie The beautiful melody
Ch'awb shoyn mine (di) yugent farloren My youth is lost
Noch zing ich ihr lidele mir tzi Still I sing to myself her little song
Zing faygele zing Sing little birdie, sing
Machst mine gemit gring You make my lot easier
Derfrisht mine zikawren Remind me
Fun di kinder yoren Of the childhood years
Zing faygele zing Back To Table of ContentsSing little birdie, sing.

Vig Lid

Shteyt in feld a beymehleh In the field stands a little tree
Hot es grine tzvigelech It has little green branches
Zitst daroif a faygeleh On it sits a little birdie
Macht es tzu di eygelech Close your little eyes now
Oif di grine tzvigelech On the little green branches
Vakst a golden epeleh Grows a tiny golden apple
Mach tzu mine kind di eygelech Close your little eyes my child
A brocha oif dine kepeleh A blessing on your dear little head
Oif di grine tzvigelech On the little green branches
Shlofn shoin di feygelech The little birdies are already sleeping
Di mame zingt zay "Ah, ah, ah" The  mother sings "Ah, ah, ah"  
S'iz a shtileh nacht Back To Table of ContentsAnd the night is still

Durme Mi Angelico

Durme, Durme mi angelico Sleep, sleep
Hijico chico de tu nacion Little child of your nation �
Criatura de Sion Child of Zion
Por que nombre, ah me demandas, Without knowing pain
Por que no canto yo? You ask me why do I not sing �
Ah, cortaron las mis alas y mi boz amudicio. My wings were cut and my voice died away
Ah, el mundo de dolor. Back To Table of ContentsAh, what a world of pain �

Numi Numi

Numi numi yaldati, numi numi nim Sleep, my little girl, sleep
Numi numi chemdati, numi numi nim Sleep, my darling one, sleep
Abba halach la-avodah Daddy has gone off  to work.
Halach halach Abba. To work, to work he's gone.
Yashuv im tset ha-levana He'll be back when the moon rises
Yavi lach matana. Back To Table of Contentswith a gift for his little one.

Shlof Mine Kind

Shlof mine kind mine treyst mine sheyner Sleep my child, my beautiful one
Shlof-zhe zunenyu Sleep, little son
Shlof mine leybn mine kadish eyner Sleep, my life and only kaddish
Shlof-zhe lyu-lyu-lyu Back To Table of ContentsSleep . . . "Lyu-lyu-lyu"

Amol Iz Geven A Meise

Amol iz geven a meise Once upon a time the story goes
Di meise iz gornisht freylech The tale is not at all happy
Di meise heybt zich onet The story begins
Mit a yiddishen meylech With a Jewish king
Lyulinke mine feygeleh Lyulinke, my little bird
Lyulinke mine kind Lyulinke, my child
'Chob ongevoyren aza libe I have lost such a love
Vey iz mir un vind Woe is me
Der meylech hot gehat a malke The king had a queen
Di malke hot gehat a vinegorten The queen had a vineyard
Der vinegorten hot gehat a boym The vineyard had a tree
Lyulinke, mine kind Back To Table of ContentsLyulinke, my child

Durme Durme
(Bosnian Version)

Durme durme izhiko de Madre Sleep, sleep Mother's little boy
Durme durme sin ansia y dolor Sleep free from worry and pain
Sienti joya palavrikas de tu Madre Listen, my joy, to your Mother's words
Las palavras di Shema Yisrael The words of The "Shema Yisrael" (Hear O Israel, The Lord Is Our God, The Lord Is One!)
Durme durme izhiko de Madre Sleep, Mother's little boy
Con ermozura de Shema Yisrael Back To Table of ContentsWith the beauty of the Shema Yisrael.

Laila, Laila

Laila, Laila, haruach goveret, Night, Night, the wind grows strong,
Laila, Laila, homa hatzameret, Night, Night, the trees rustle,
Laila, Laila, kochav m'zamer, Night, Night, a star is singing,
Numi, Numi, kabi et haner. Go to sleep, blow out the candle.
Laila, Laila, itsmi et enayich, Night, Night, close your eyes,
Laila, Laila, baderech elayich, Night, Night, on the way to you,
Laila, Laila, rachvu chamushim, Night, Night, they rode armed in full gear,
Numi, Numi, sh'losha parashim. Go to sleep, three knights.
Laila, Laila, haruach goveret, Night, Night, the wind grows strong,
Laila, Laila, homa hatzameret, Night, Night, the trees rustle,
Laila, Laila, rak at m'chaka, Night, Night, only you wait,
Numi, Numi, haderech reka. Back To Table of ContentsGo to sleep, the road lies empty.

Oifn Pripetshik

Oifn pripetshik brent a fayerl At the hearth there burns a fire
Un in shtub iz heys And in the home it is warm
Un der rebbe lernt kleyne kinderlach And the teacher teaches the little children
Dem aleph-beyz The Hebrew alphabet
Zet-zhe kinderlach, gedenkt-zhe tayere See children, remember dear ones
Vos ihr lernt do What it is you learn here
Zogt-zhe noch amol, un take noch amol Say it again and once more
Kometz-alef: oh Kometz (vowel marking) + "a" makes oh
Lernt kinderlach mit grois cheyshek Learn, little children, with a will
Azoy zog ich aych on This is what I'm telling you
Ver s'vet gicher fun aych kennen ivre Whomever learns their Hebrew quickest
Der bakumt a fon Back To Table of ContentsWill receive a prize!

Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen

In dem beis hamikdosh In the temple
In a vinkle cheider In a little corner
Zitst di almone bas-tzion aleyn Sits the widow, "Daughter of Zion", alone
Ihr ben yochidl Yideln vigt zi keseider Her only son Yidel, she rocks
Un zingt im tzum shlofn a lideleh sheyn: Ay-lu-lu And sings him to sleep with a pretty little melody: Ay-lu-lu
Unter Yidele's vigele Under Yidele's cradle
Shteyt a klor-vayse tsigele Is a little white goat
Dos tsigele iz geforn handlen The goat is going to trade
Dos vet zine dayn baruf That will be your calling
Rozhinkes mit mandlen Raisins and almonds
Shlof-zhe Yidele shlof Back To Table of ContentsSleep, little Yidel, sleep


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